Sustainable Development

Creating Chemistry for a Sustainable Future

Sustainable Development influences BASF's business operations on three levels: it minimizes risk, boosts business and helps generate new business. Sustainable Development is a basic requirement for long-term success for us and for our customers.
BASF-The Chemical Company embraces Sustainable Development as a core strategic guideline because it balances economic growth, environmental protection and social responsibility.
As an integral component of our decision-making process, Sustainable Development:
  • Drives innovations in chemistry that improve the quality of life
  • Presents market opportunities for eco-efficient products and practices that result in long-term profitable performance
  • Promotes the utilization of natural resources in a way that meets the needs of the present while ensuring that the needs of future generations are met
  • Offers the opportunity to reduce total cost of ownership for the users of our materials, which includes helping make products cleaner and safer, but without compromising performance
With our innovative products and solutions, we are helping the aerospace industry grow but at the same time protecting the environment.
BASF is committed to shaping a sustainable future for the Aerospace Industry.

Key products in our aerospace portfolio for sustainable development include:

Light Weighting


  • TPU
  • Ultrason®  — All Thermoplastic Panels

Reduce Carbon Footprint

  • Cool Coatings

Environmentally Friendly

  • Jet Fuel Additives
  • Ozone Catalysts
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